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Wonderful mountain climb to discover 7 high lakes in a nearly lunar landscape.
Departure : Fond de France. Departure altitude : 1090 m. Sept Laux pass : 2184 m. Ascent time : 4 h 15 mn
  • In Fond de France, the marked foothpath starts behind the hotel of Les Sept Laux.
  • After 10 mn, the trail crosses a bridge, turns left and snakes up through the woods.
  • After 1 hour and thirty minutes, the trail reaches a junction, just before the forest boarder : 2 paths are going up to the "lac noir" : on the left, the trail "chemin des 2 ruisseaux",
      and on the right, the trail "chalet du Gleysin and cul de la vieille".
  • You will reach the first lake, the "lac noir", after 3 hours, or 3h30mn.
      Following the riverbank, the trail reaches the "lac carré". It crosses the
      dam, follows the lake and crosses the bridge to the "lac de la Motte", 2133m.
  • Then the trail follows the biggest lake : the "lac de Cottepens" and it
      reaches the Cos lake's dam.
  • It crosses it and follows the right bank of the lake to the pass,
      "le col des Sept Laux", 2184 m, after 4 hours and 15 minutes.
  • If you have got enough energy, you can go down to the 2 other very beautiful lakes of "La Corne" and "La Sagne".
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