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  • Alpine skiing : La Ferrière is 11 km from the ski resort of Le Pleynet-Les 7 Laux , the third skiing region of the Dauphiné with 100 km of ski runs on 2 slopes and 3 sites. and 20 km from the family ski resort of Le Collet d'Allevard : 35 km of ski runs, skiing by night.
  • Snowshoes : Marked roads, organized trips.
  • Cross-country skiing : 11 km loop in the valley, starting from la Maison de la Nature in Fond de France, 8 km of cross-country ski runs in Le Pleynet, easily reached with the chairlift of Pincerie. From Le Pleynet, it is possible  to reach the 70 km of cross-country ski runs of l'espace nordique du Barioz.
  • Walks : Wonderful walks and climbs in the Belledonne
      chain of mountains : Pic de la Belle Etoile, Dent du Pra,
      Rocher Blanc, Petite et Grande Valloire...
  • Huskies : You can go in search of the world of huskies
      in the Clos de la Vallée Blanche, between La Ferrière
      and Le Pleynet.
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