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  • There are lots of traditionnal festivals during all summer : mountain festivals, transhumance, St Jean fires, woodmen tournaments, vide-greniers, running races...
  • The Association " Au pays du Haut Bréda et des Sept Laux " offers you to discover the industrial and agricultural past of the area during theme evenings and trips.
  • L'Espace Belledonne organizes in the villages of the Massif de Belledonne evenings with varied  debates followed by a spectacle and a buffet.
  • La Maison de la Nature organizes night walks, shows, conferences, showings of films, bowls, volleyball, table tennis, football tournaments to meet the valley's inhabitants and tourists.
  • Le Pleynet station's organizer invites you to move and to participate in the tournaments and parties he arranges.
  • In Allevard, small animate spa, famous for its very sulphurous waters, you can go to the movies, to the casino, to the library, you can listen to a conference, see an exhibition, hear a concert, dance at a tea party, or participate to a Scrabble, a chess or a bridge tournament…
  • In Le Collet d'Allevard, you can see exhibitions or go to a barbecue party.
  • In La Rochette you can listen to concerts or go to a show or a festival.
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